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Sustainable World Cup... Saalfelden Leogang.

Together we want to set an example and implement this major event in an environmentally friendly and sustainable manner. Each one of us can contribute and participate in ensuring that our region and landscape remain as liveable as they are. We will explain and show you how it works.

Answers to the topic Green Event Salzburg

An event may only be called a Green Event if it complies with and fulfils strict requirements. Our event received this certificate from the province of Salzburg and thus places its priorities on regional added value, waste avoidance, energy efficiency and social responsibility. The aim is not only to avoid waste, by means of a deposit system for the beverage cups, but also to contribute to waste separation by means of waste islands. In the area of consumption of snacks and drinks, quality and regionality should be the main focus. But also the provision of public transport and its intensive use by spectators contributes decisively to a sustainable event.

You can also be a part of it:


2. Use our returnable cups and separate your litter

By using our returnable cups with deposit system, no additional waste, for example from PET bottles, is produced. However you have something to dispose, use the waste islands for waste separation. In this way you support recycling and at the same time you contribute to a clean world.