Saalfelden Leogang
The most contrasting region in the Alps

10 Things to do in Saalfelden Leogang

If you are already here, you should take a look at our Saalfelden Leogang region from all angles. How do you do this best? Of course with these 10 to dos!

#1 Fly like an eagle

Have you ever flown through the air at 80 miles an hour like an eagle? Try it with the Flying Fox XXL at the Asitz!

#2 Visit the hermit

Yes - he is real. The hermit in Saalfelden. All summer long he lives in the Einsiedelei, embedded in a rock face above Saalfelden. Just park at the Bürgerau car park and walk up from there for about 30 minutes.

#3 Discover your climbing-skills

Always worth a visit, especially in modest weather: the climbing hall "felsenfest" in Saalfelden. It is the perfect playground for all vertical acrobats in Pinzgau!

#4 Check out the art and culture scene

Welcome to the most contrast-rich region in the Alps! While the elite from the mountain bike sport compete for the world championship titles at the EPIC Bikepark Leogang, you will find a varied program of art and culture in Saalfelden in the Kunsthaus Nexus and the Congress Saalfelden. It's definitely worth stopping by.

#5 Hiking with sea view

Do you want something more than hiking? That's definitely what you get when hiking in the Stone Sea. In the unique mountain landscape you can feel the power of nature and become an adventurer!

#6 E-Bike pleasure tour

Tasting is also the order of the day on the e-bike pleasure tour. Along the cycle path towards Saalfelden you will find numerous farm shops and inns where you can sample regional delicacies.

#7 Hiking Pole Sharing

Sharing is caring! The motto at our hiking-pole-sharing stations is: take - hike - bring back. So tie your shoes, take a walking stick and off you go!

#8 Train your bike-skills in the bikepark

You are thrilled when you see the world champ pros thundering down the downhill course? And you think to yourself, "I want to do that too?" No problem - at the EPIC Bikepark Leogang you can slowly and safely improve your bike skills all summer long in the beginner area of the Riders Playground!

#9 With all your senses

Smelling, tasting, hearing, feeling, seeing - all this is possible on the Mountain of Senses! Explore your five senses in the Sinne Park or on Leo's Klang summer toboggan run.

#10 See the world from above while climbing

The numerous climbing routes in the Leoganger Steinbergen and the Steinernes Meer are predestined for your adventure on the rock! Should the weather be bad, you can go in one of the surrounding climbing halls.